Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Xiang Jiang Claypot Chicken Rice @ Jurong West


I think Xiang Jiang Claypot Chicken Rice deserves a mention here! I've been to this stall for a few times. The chicken is always tender and well marinated. The salted fish is of good quality. Even the dark soy sauce they use is premium quality. How do you tell if its premium quality? Its very thick and its not salty at all! There are also some charred bits of the rice for people who like them. Most of the time we will order a soup of the day ($2.50) to go along with the rice. Their soups are nice and thick. You get a very homely feel from drinking them. Please call ahead to order so that you can eat once you reach. Check out their other varieties!

Xiang Jiang Claypot Chicken Rice
Blk 498 Jurong West St 41
Singapore 640498
Tel: 92700993

 Claypot chicken rice for 3 pax @ $13
Xiang Jiang Clayport Chicken Rice


  1. Taste really so so only, will find it nice simply because it is hot and freshly cooked. Encountered very bad attitude with their service. Not worth trying and definitely not recommended.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Do give them another try. I still think their Claypot Chicken Rice is one of the nicest i've tried so far.