Sunday, 22 July 2012

Where were you ... in 1975?

I wasn't even born yet in 1975, and I'm pretty sure my parents haven't quite met.  But back in 1975, a little coffeeshop along East Coast Road won 3rd prize in the Cleanliness Competition for Coffee Shop.  That coffee shop still remains today, and it is Chin Mee Chin Coffee Shop.

I was in the East Coast area and decided to drop by for a spot of tea (teh-ci, to be exact), some pastries and a whiff of nostalgia. 

Home-made kaya on home-made raisin or plain buns. Add to that, a slab of salted butter. Shiok lah.  Even the tiles on the floor have been there before me!

With so many "traditional" coffee shop chain opening in every neighbourhood malls and shopping belts.  That "old school" feeling gets a bit diluted if you asked me.  But then again, who goes to these coffee chains for nostalgia anyway?

By the way, how did I know that they won 3rd prize back in 1975?

It's framed and hung just behind the cashier counter.  I wonder who's 2nd and 1st?

Posted by Lim.

P.S. All photos were taken using my iPhone 4S with filtering by the Instagram app.  I must be the only person that realises that Instagram does not, by default, saves the original photo after filtering.  You need to change it in Settings

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