Thursday, 19 July 2012

Painting By Numbers


A little sidetrack from the usual food and stuff. I attempted my very first painting by numbers piece! For those who do not know what it is, it's basically a painting, divided into numbered sections. You are supposed to paint these sections with the numbered paint allocated. I found the process to be quite peaceful because you don't think about anything else except to try to not paint beyond the allocated section. It also gave me a sense of creation and achievement at the end (for people with no artistic talent like me!).

This painting is called "Streets of Paris" (40cm x 50cm). The kit came with little containers of paint and 3 different sized brushes. You do not need to mix the paint with water. The paint doesn't drip. It dries very fast. Try not to expose the paint to the air often as it may dry up in the container! I picked this because it was the only painting that has a cafe theme (I recently saw another one even nicer!). Although the colours are not as vibrant as those seen in the original "money" shot, the combination and complexity of the colours still provided a WOW factor. I'm going to frame this painting up and put it in our future cafe.

If you are interested, i bought this online at this website -

When i showed my friend this, she said i always find funny things to do. Here's my funny thing:

Streets of Paris

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