Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy Call Pan - Salmon Head


Yesterday i finally got around to buying a salmon head to try on the Happy Call Pan. I will give you my verdict now. You can decide if you want to look at the pictures below later. *Drum rollllllll* I prefer the salmon head that was grilled in the oven ( No doubt the cooking time is considerably shortened using the Happy Call Pan (it only takes about 5-7 minutes), somehow the crispiness of the salmon skin was not as satisfying when compared to it being baked in the oven. Imagine your mum's pan fried fish. Now imagine the real grilled salmon head at japanese restaurants. That's the difference. However, the meat was tender and melt in your mouth. 

Here's how i did it:
I mentioned in my previous Happy Call Pan (HCP) post ( that oil will drip out of the hole (meant for the steam to come out) if you flip it to cook. So i did not attempt to flip the pan this time. I turned the fish head manually. After washing and drying the fish, i sprinkled some salt all over the skin and on the meat. I put the HCP on medium heat (and waited for it to heat up this time) with some oil before i put the salmon head in, skin down. I cooked the skin part longer than the meat part because i want the skin to be crispy and i was confident the heat trapped on the pan when it is shut will cook the meat. Flipping the head onto the meat side for it to cook was more for browning it. When you see that the skin is nice and browned, flip the head over manually and cook it for another 1 - 2minutes. Serve hot. You can squeeze some lemon juice on it if you want. 

Maybe we can save the salmon head for the oven. If it is for cooking salmon fillet, the HCP should be a pan that gets the job done in a jiffy.

Halved Salmon Head
HCP - Salmon Head
HCP - Salmon Head

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