Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ayam Goreng


I was at Batam recently and bought a pack of their Ayam Goreng marinate from the supermarket to try. Please see below for the picture. I will definitely get more of this the next time i visit Batam!! This marinate from Indofood is very nice! It made my chicken taste exactly like those sold at the malay stalls, if not better! If i'm not wrong, it cost less than $1.

Ayam Goreng Marinate by Indofood

The method stated behind the packaging says to mix the marinate with water and boil the chicken in the stock. I didn't do that. I marinated the chicken parts with the powder for at least 3 hours before i cooked it. I was able to use the whole pack to marinate 1 whole chicken (cut into parts). I boiled and cooked the chicken with some water for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how much chicken you are cooking. If you can afford the time, i suggest cooking the chicken for a longer time so that it'll be more tender. After boiling the chicken and drying it, you give the chicken a quick deep fry (2 mins). It'll turn nice and brown. Very fragrant. Best eaten hot! This marinate is not spicy. A must try for those who likes the fried chicken from the malay stalls!

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