Friday, 17 May 2013

McDonald's Red Peri Scorcher


Lim and i went to Mac to try out their new Red Peri Scorcher. This new burger (before it was revealed) got my attention when i saw the advertisement that McSpicy won (according to a poll) the other Black Pepper McSpicy in the Spicy faceoff. There was a pretty lady in red with a chinese cooking ladle (those big scoop thingy chefs use at the zichar stalls) as the mysterious (for the spice) "contender". On the next night, i saw the advertisement revealing her spicy - Peri peri sauce! We decided to go for it! (Sorry Lim, not Sze Chuan Pepper as you hoped and deduced from the red wearing chinese lady with the chinese ladle.)

At first i was afraid the peri sauce may be too spicy for it. It is a spicy faceoff after all. The normal McSpicy can be a little too spicy for me at times. But the Red Peri Scorcher was not as fiery as it looked and sounded. Naturally, the peri sauce is a little sourish and appetizing. It was more like a spicy version of an orangey looking thousand island sauce. My attention was on the breaded deep fried chicken thigh in the burger. My first thought was, did they change the McSpicy patty? Or is it the same chicken thigh but without the McSpicy seasoning? Either way, i quite liked the chicken thigh. I thought it was a refreshing change from the usual (dubious) chicken patty (e.g. McChicken). Dubious because you don't know what goes inside those patties.

Conclusion: If you are comparing spiciness, the McSpicy is still the winner. But i won't mind eating the Red Peri Scorcher because the spiciness was just nice for me. Lim and I finished the meal by sharing a set of McWings. Yummy!

P/S: Nothing beats KFC's Zinger!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Glutinous Rice Picture


Here is the Glutinous rice i made yesterday.

Here is the glutinous rice and ang gu kueh i packed for my colleagues the next day. The lighting in this picture made the food look funny =( But i assure you the glutinous rice, cai por and fried shallots were popular!

Maybe i should post the recipe next? Yes i think i will =) Good things are meant to be shared!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cooking or Assembling?


We haven't had one of these random musing posts for a long time so i thought i should write one =)

Cooking or Assembling?

Of late, whenever i eat out, i feel like my food on the plate has been assembled rather than cooked. Do you get that feeling sometimes? Whether its fishball noodles, economic veg rice, char kway teow, fish and chips or whatever you are having, did the food feel tasteless? Like no thought was put into the preparation or cooking process. It's an assembly of ingredients and sauces. Even the food my mum cooks sometimes taste like an assembly (don't say i said that)! I know she is very busy and doesn't always have time to cook. I appreciate her tremendous effort in putting dinner on the table every night. Mummy is the BEST! Oops, i digressed.

Yes, back to cooking. I love cooking. I love the whole thought process of it and the actual event itself. I enjoy thinking about what i'm craving for, what new recipes to try, how i can tweak things i already know how to make, how to make it taste and look better. I feel excited just thinking about going to the supermarket to pick the fresh ingredients and be surrounded by endless possibilities! (Do you know why fresh ingredients taste better?  That's another story for another time) I think one of the BEST part of cooking is imagining how people's faces look like when they finally taste the food. "WOW SOoooo GOOD!" "How did you do this?" "When are you cooking this again?" Who isn't a sucker for compliments for the food they cooked? He/she is a liar ;)

Guess what i'm cooking tomorrow? Glutinous rice. You may be thinking it is such an easy dish. Initially i thought so too. Until i start thinking about how to make the dish better! I must fry my own peanuts because those bought outside just don't taste as good as freshly fried peanuts. I must fry my own shallots. Same reason as the peanuts. I suck at peeling shallots. It's going to be time consuming. I wish i had a microwave oven at home. They make speedy fried shallots. Almost effortless! But i don't so its back to the wok. I also must make my cai por! Because my family loves my cai por. I love my cai por on the glutinous rice. Cai por needs to be soaked and cooked. In order to serve it in time for lunch tomorrow, i have to start cooking it tonight and throw it into the slow cooker. It'll taste heavenly by tomorrow. Glutinous rice needs to be soaked overnight before i steam it in the morning. What else? We can't just be having glutinous rice right? So i made popiah filled with mango and nata de coco. I prepared those before hand on Sunday. Frozen and ready to be deep-fried tomorrow. I'm also toying with the idea of preparing a mixed vegetable dish. But i haven't had time to get the vegetables yet. Should i put garnish on the rice? Spring onion? Red cut chilli? So many decisions to make and things to do, just for the perfect dish! Or of course you can just buy cooked glutinous rice outside for $2 for the easy way out. Your pick.

So whats the big occasion tomorrow? My little nephew is coming to my house for lunch!