Friday, 27 September 2013

Out of the norm


Lim and I will be doing something different and exciting tomorrow! But I cannot say what we are doing. It'll be good to get some blessings from our dear readers (spam bots included)!

I tell Lim we'll have a good laugh about it tomorrow. Already we had some laughs this afternoon while poking fun at it. I think we make very good script writers. Our dramas are always exciting and entertaining, in our head!

There was once i made a typo in my text message to Lim. Instead of "Good Luck", i typed "Good Lick" and sent it off. It has since became a private joke between us. Whenever we need some good luck, we send "good licks" instead.

So we need all the good licks we can get now! If you can't give us any good licks, its ok too. Have a good weekend ahead! Do something different for a change. Feel the excitement! Feel alive =)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Guess what? Yes you know it! It's another lunch adventure. This time we headed down to Vivo city for Poulet. Prior to heading there at my colleague's suggestion, i checked out on the internet what are the things that i must try. Needless to say, as the name suggest, Chicken. Yes poulet (pronounced as "poo-lay") means chicken in french. Things sound better in french right? Imagine if it called itself "chicken" or "ιΈ‘", maybe it'll attract alot less people. How about fish next? Poisson ("Phua-song" with a slient G please). Ok enough of poking fun at the name. Let's poke at the food next.

Poulet's Roast Chicken

I order the roasted half chicken with champagne mushroom sauce. It's one of their signature dishes. Be warned, you will only be half a spring chicken with the mushroom sauce. That's all. No vegetables nor carbo to go along. At first bite, i thought the chicken was a little salty with a subtle nagging sweetness that i couldn't quite figure out why. The chicken was moist (the menu said it was brined in a secret recipe for 24 hrs) and fork tender. But it was lukewarm at best. Why do people insist serving lukewarm food? The mushroom sauce has the same nagging sweetness. What's up with this? I only found out after lunch. Let's continue first.

French fries, mash potato and Duck Leg

We order french fries and mash potato since we need our carbo. I like the how the fries are served. In a bucket. Nice. The french fries weren't exactly piping hot but they weren't soggy either. And i think they used good quality fries. I bet you didn't know there were different grades of french fries. Try to see if you can taste the difference next time you have fries. Some fries just taste better ;)

The mash potato was really rich and buttery. But i didn't like it because i didn't feel like i was eating potato. I suspect it is made from mash potato powder. Have you tried the real mash potato made from real potatoes and from scratch? Powder mash potato and real mash potato taste like 2 totally different things.

Please note that they only serve cold bottled water. Warm water is at $0.50 a cup but refillable. At the end of the meal, i must have had at least 3 glasses of those water. Why the sudden thirst i asked myself. Oh. MSG attack. Hence the weird sweetness.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Dear Readers and spam bots,

Lim and I would like to wish you all a very very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Please feel free to eat all the mooncakes and drink all the nice tea while spending time with your family or loved ones =)

On a side note, we are currently in preparation for something cool and adventurous! Not sure if it'll work out but what the heck? Just do it ;)

Friday, 6 September 2013

McAloo Tikki


I don't know what got into me. I went to try the new McAloo Tikki burger. WARNING - DO NOT ATTEMPT. Yes please don't eat it. Eat something else! Do not eat it. I've said enough. I took some pictures. See it for yourself.