Friday, 27 September 2013

Out of the norm


Lim and I will be doing something different and exciting tomorrow! But I cannot say what we are doing. It'll be good to get some blessings from our dear readers (spam bots included)!

I tell Lim we'll have a good laugh about it tomorrow. Already we had some laughs this afternoon while poking fun at it. I think we make very good script writers. Our dramas are always exciting and entertaining, in our head!

There was once i made a typo in my text message to Lim. Instead of "Good Luck", i typed "Good Lick" and sent it off. It has since became a private joke between us. Whenever we need some good luck, we send "good licks" instead.

So we need all the good licks we can get now! If you can't give us any good licks, its ok too. Have a good weekend ahead! Do something different for a change. Feel the excitement! Feel alive =)

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