Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nueva Cuba

Teh: On Wednesday, i met up with a few friends at Nueva Cuba (Customs House, near Raffles Place) for drinks. I thought it has a nice partial view of the waterfront and wanted to share it here. Another thing worthy of mention is the Mojitos they serve. We had the classic one, the lychee mojito, the watermelon mojito and the Brazilian Mojito (affectionately known as Mojito-gao [thick] by us). They all have an actual stick of sugarcane inside! Good for chewing. There was a server in particular we liked the most. He was friendly and funny. He is someone i would want to employ if i have my own place. Our disappointment was the Beef Fajita we ordered. The portion was too small for the price ($26++) and the beef was too tough. My friends wished for more comfortable chairs too.

Perhaps this is a good place to stopover if you are on a bar-hopping outing. Good view with good drinks but not for staying long.  Check out the pictures! (I continue to wish for a better phone camera!)

Nueva Cuba - Giant Mojitos!

Nueva Cuba - Just outside the interior area

Nueva Cuba - Outdoor view

Nueva Cuba - Outdoor view

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lim and I (Teh) wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

We haven't been very active on the blog because Lim is perpetually busy and well, i haven't been cooking anything decent and worthy enough to blog about. And because i think we owe you a post, i'm going to talk about the 2 places i went to recently.

Johor Bahru (Malaysia)
On Lim's birthday (last week), we skipped work together and went to Johor Bahru! It was quite a lazy day. We watched "Underword - Awakening" (and drooled dutifully at Kate Beckinsale) for 7 ringgit @ KSL Shopping Mall! There were only 5 of us in the cinema. We had a good time laughing at some of effects and the incredible things vampires and the Lycans could do. It was enjoyable.

Lunch was a disappointing affair at Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe. Don't try the Coca-cola chicken. It tasted like the chicken was fried, left around to be cooled and then mixed with coke (or coke-wannabe). The dry beef hor fun i had was good. The ice lemon tea came in 0.5 litres size! We didn't know. Lim had no trouble finishing it.

The highlight of the day was the massage at the end. For 70 ringgit, we had an hour of foot reflexology and 30 minutes of back massage. The room was comfortable, there was a TV with Singapore channels. I can't remember ever watching "Ellen" (the talk show) in the middle of the afternoon. In between my quiet and discreet face contortions during foot reflexology, I caught whichever bits I could. The back massage which followed the foot reflexology was literally the back breaker. I knew my muscles were stiff but I didn't know it was that bad! But being the sadist I am, i thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Poor Lim. He said his groans and protest of pain fell upon deaf ears. The guy who gave him the massage probably thought he was enjoying it. lol.

Azzura (Sentosa Beach)

If you like the sun and the beach, Azzura is the place for you! It is a beach club located on Sentosa. You can reach it via the sky train (from Vivo City). Just drop at the beach station and walk towards the beach. Azzura is 5 minutes away.

There are plenty of sun chairs, sun beds, swings and seats. You'll definitely find something you can to laze on while you soak up the sun. If it gets too hot for you, they have 2 pools available. We really felt like we were on a holiday. My friend had the Azzura Dragon Mojito. Its basically Mojito with dragon fruit inside. The drink turned out to be quite potent. No wonder it appeared to be the most frequently ordered drink! For $16.50++, it better not be weak. I had the Mango Frozen Margarita ($16.50++ too) which looked good but was weak on the alcohol side. It was refreshing nevertheless. But next time i'm going for the Mojito! We ate, drank and tanned the whole day. We order Pizza Azzura. It was good! The mixed platter we ordered was rather disappointing. The items on the platter did not justify the price ($34++) due to their small portion and poor quality. There were french fries, wedges, fried sweet potato stick (?), onion rings, calamari and chicken wings (3 parts only!). Pity the prices were not in ringgit.

Side note, plenty of eye candies at Azzura!