Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nueva Cuba

Teh: On Wednesday, i met up with a few friends at Nueva Cuba (Customs House, near Raffles Place) for drinks. I thought it has a nice partial view of the waterfront and wanted to share it here. Another thing worthy of mention is the Mojitos they serve. We had the classic one, the lychee mojito, the watermelon mojito and the Brazilian Mojito (affectionately known as Mojito-gao [thick] by us). They all have an actual stick of sugarcane inside! Good for chewing. There was a server in particular we liked the most. He was friendly and funny. He is someone i would want to employ if i have my own place. Our disappointment was the Beef Fajita we ordered. The portion was too small for the price ($26++) and the beef was too tough. My friends wished for more comfortable chairs too.

Perhaps this is a good place to stopover if you are on a bar-hopping outing. Good view with good drinks but not for staying long.  Check out the pictures! (I continue to wish for a better phone camera!)

Nueva Cuba - Giant Mojitos!

Nueva Cuba - Just outside the interior area

Nueva Cuba - Outdoor view

Nueva Cuba - Outdoor view

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