Friday, 24 June 2011

Date a girl who cooks

Date a girl who cooks. You’ll never have to feel hungry again. Let her introduce you to the gourmet world. It is filled with bright colours and comforting taste. Those are the things she wants to fill your life with. 
Date a girl who cooks. She wants to show you the different techniques she knows. Braising, steaming, grilling, deep frying. Creaming, whisking, rubbing in. Have you hear of a straight dough method, pre-ferment method, poolish and no time dough? No? It’s ok! She’ll teach you all she knows. She wants to impress you cos’ she longs for you to be her greatest fan.
If trying out a new recipe for the first time is like going out on the first date, then tasting the food from the first try is like having the first kiss. You’ll never know what you are going to get. Watch her try a new recipe. Watch her taste it for the first time. Feel her anticipation and excitement that she wants to share with you. Don’t rain on her parade if her food experiments come out soup. Cheer her up. She will need the courage to try again and again till she gets it right. And when she does, you’ll be the first person she wants to share it with. Flavour is the memory and taste of the food that linger in your mind long after the food is gone. How many flavours will she share with you?
Date a girl who cooks. Be sure to exercise regularly. There’s no way you can keep your weight in check if you let her pamper you all the time. She’ll try to fool you by telling you her food are not sinful and not full of calories. Don’t believe her! She’ll sweet talk you, flatter you, seduce you and even turn a blind eye to your expanding tummy just to feed you one more bite. Give in to her. Eat for the joy of it. Eat for the love of watching her face light up when you moan satisfactorily with your mouth full of her food. There’s nothing she wants more than to be with the one who appreciates what she makes.

Marry a girl who cooks. Your kids will always be picky about their food. They will only eat food prepared with the freshest ingredients, brimming with flavor and love. Those are the food their mother will feed them with.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Coming Soon Lah!

“Coming Soon Lah” is a blog that follows the journey of 2 aspiring gastronomic entrepreneurs. The idea of the blog came from Lim on a random Wednesday lunch afternoon while with Teh. When on our usual Wednesday afternoon lunch date, we talk about random things and come up with fantastic sounding (in our head) ideas. While saving up money for our ideal business venture, we try to make sense (and non-sense) of our everyday lives.
We will blog about great food and bad food finds. We will blog about what we do while we try to achieve our goals. We may post recipes. We will occasionally do polls and see what you think. Feedbacks are most welcome.
Here are the 7 commandants, most likely to be found in our café (coming soon!):
1.     Food takes time to cook. Good food takes even more time to cook. Please do not rush us. Why would you want to eat undercooked food?

2.     We do not perform better under stress nor duress.

3.     If you do not like your food, please do not say it tastes weird / it is not cooked / it is not fresh / it is not what you want. Just tell us why you do not like it.

4.     Compliments go a long way. We’ll remember you and our eyes will shine whenever we see you.

5.     We try to treat everyone equally. There are no big shots here. Do not act like one.

6.     If you want us to improve, please give us feedbacks.

7.     We pledge to always do our best in any given circumstances, especially unforeseen ones!