Monday, 23 July 2012

What would you rather be doing if not what you are doing now?


Today at work, just for fun, i had the following conversation with my colleague.

Me: What would you want to do other than being a landlord? (My colleague wants to be a 包租婆).
Her: Owner of a book shop cum cafe.
Me: Because you like to read and drink coffee?
Her: Yes!

After considering her line of thoughts for awhile, i replied:

Me: I want to open a beach bar. Because i like to tan, drink and watch the sunset over the sea!

Maybe i can start with opening those small makeshift drink/ice cream stall at East Coast Beach? Slowly i can expand a few tables and chairs? Sell beer? After that i can sell food? And Voila! A Beach Bar is born!

Yes, random musing on a Monday afternoon....

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