Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Korean Pancake


All i want to say is my diet nonsense (yes i tried to be on a diet!) left me feeling miserable and not interested in cooking anything (hence very quiet and no posts!). Thank god i finally came to my senses!

Without further ado, i'm sharing this gem i found. Korean Pancake Mix! (Bought at Sheng Siong for $2.20. My friend found the exact same thing in a Korean supermarket at Marina Square for $1.90. I feel cheated.) It's really effortless. Mix it with water and viola! Add in your desired vegetables and you can enjoy yummy Korean pancake right at home! Or at your friend's house or wherever you wish to demonstrate your superb cooking skills.

Korean Pancake Mix

I used 200g of the mix, add 300ml of water (as per the instructions). It was enough to make 3 big pancakes. The vegetables i used include golden mushroom (half short), sliced french beans, sliced shitake mushrooms and slice red capiscums (Yes no spring onions. I hate them!). I stir-fried all the vegetables first. I divided the vegetables into portions before add the batter to them individually to make sure there isn't too much batter for the vegetables. I guess if you are very sure of yourself (or lazy), you can add the vegetables to the batter and pan fry according to the size you want.

Korean Pancake

If you want the pancake to be crispy, you'll need to add more oil. Before you flip the pancake, add some oil to the pan first. This will ensure both sides of your pancake is crispy. No wonder some pancakes tend to be oily.

I'm going to do a meat version soon!

If you think i only did this pancake during the long weekend, you are seriously wrong. I also made pork knuckles (a continuous attempt to perfect this elusive dish) and pork cutlet made of sliced pork. Look out for these posts!

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