Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Go Feng Tianwei!


I watched the exciting table tennis semi-finals match (London Olympics 2012) between Feng Tianwei and Ding Ning last night! When i knew Tianwei was up against Ding Ning, my heart sank abit. Ding Ning is one tough nut to crack! Nevertheless, i hoped that some miracle will happen.

I read that our PM Lee was watching at home with his wife, cheering Tianwei on. Guess what? We were doing the same at home! All eyes were on the table and the players. We couldn't help but hold our breaths when there were long and intense rallies. We cheered for Tianwei wins and shouted encouragement when she lost points. It was definitely a world class performance from both players.

There were 2 occasions where the umpire awarded a point to Tianwei that left Ding Ning puzzled. It was something to do with concealing the ball from the opponent when she served. How did that happen? But anyway, concealed or not, those points were precious!

Tianwei became my heroine when she did not give up despite the score being 3-10, match point for Ding Ning! Tianwei fought for her point when the umpire did not see the ball touching the table. She managed to garner another 3 points before succumbing to the final score of 6-11.

I must say Ding Ning was very scary with her deathly stares. But Tianwei was unfazed! Maybe she is used to it. I can't imagine Tianwei with the same deathly stare. Can you?

I'm looking forward to Tianwei's next match! Hope she keeps up her performance and win a bronze medal!

Good Luck Team Singapore!

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