Thursday, 1 November 2012

Brotzeit @ Star Vista


Brotzeit - Pork Knuckle
I finally went to Brotzeit to try out their famous Pork Knuckles!!!!! The skin was unbelievably crispy. However every bite into the skin yielded at least half a teaspoon of oil in your mouth! I could only stomach 2 small pieces of skin. Next i tried the meat. Although it was not hard, it could be more tender. Unfortunately, i think the meat was not seasoned at all. There was no taste and it was abit on the dry side. The pork knuckles did come with a sauce on the side but it was nothing to rave about. I suspect they didn't use the lard to make the sauce. The large knuckle came with 2 sides - potato salad and sauerkraut.

The 6 of us shared 3 other set lunch meals (Seafood Salad $15++, Meat Skewers $19++ and Beer Batter Fish and Chips $17++) along with the order of pork knuckle ($36++). The set lunches came with a choice of soup of the day (cream of tomato on the day we visited) or a medley of starters.

Brotzeit - Cream of Tomato

Brotzeit - Medley of Starters

Brotzeit - Medley of Starters

Brotzeit - Seafood Salad
My favourite was the Seafood Salad with it's generous serving of smoked salmon and sundried tomatoes. Plus the salad was much needed to compliment the meaty knuckles. 

Brotzeit - Meat Skewers
The Meat Skewers was odd. The meat was slightly tough and overdone. The cocktail sausages were normal. It is not something I will order again.

Brotzeit - Beer Batter Fish
 The Beer Batter Fish was disappointing. I'm not sure why the batter was kind of wet and got separated from the fish very easily. Maybe i was disappointed because my own homemade Beer Batter Fish tasted much better. (Sorry for the blur picture!)

On the whole, it was an enjoyable meal. I will be back again to try out the other dishes as well as to have some german beer! I must ask my friends for a "lim jiu" session there.

The Star Vista, Singapore
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista, #02-11,
Singapore 138617
t : (65) 66943652

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