Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MacDonald's BLT Burger


A couple of days ago, we went to MacDonald's for lunch. Of course i must try the new Chicken BLT burger! To break it down, it is essentially a McChicken with a slice of tomato and some bacon strips. Although there were quite a few strips of bacon, but they were like freeze-dry bacon. Thin, not exactly crispy and not 100% my idea of a bacon. How does the burger taste? No harm sticking to the $2 McChicken.

Recent visits to Mac no longer gives me the same satisfaction as it used to. In contrast, for abit more money, i can get real chicken meat from a burger at Texas Chicken or KFC. Or when we get older, we began to wonder which parts of the animal go into those fast food patty. Eye lids? Cheeks? Nostril? Give me the Zinger any day!

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