Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chicken Ballotine (Stuffed Baked Boneless Chicken)

Teh: I made Chicken Ballontine over the weekend after learning how to debone a chicken through a video on Youtube! It was surprisingly simple. The sense of achievement you get at the end will be overwhelming! Imagine you deboning a whole chicken! Fancy that! I succeeded on my first attempt. You should try it too! Wow your friends with this fancy chicken for Christmas!

I must thank Chef John for his post. His picture inspired me. And thanks to the link on his blog, i learned a new skill! Please check out the link for the instructions on deboning a chicken. Let us know how your's turned out!

My stuffing this time were potatoes, onions, golden straw mushroom and mozarella cheese. It was abit wet. I will try glutinous rice with chestnut and mushroom the next time round. Watch out for it!

Here are my pictures:

After removing the bones
Another view after removing the bones
After stuffing, wrapping and tying the chicken up.
Those 2 bits at the right corner are the wings all balled up! 
After baking

After untying the string, some juice seeped out.

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