Friday, 23 December 2011

Butter Cupcakes

Teh: It's that time of the year again - Christmas! Yes we sincerely wish all our readers (yes all 3 of them, you know who you are! hugs!) a very Merry Christmas!

I think Christmas is a time where we should get together with friends (both new and old) and spend some time looking back at the year that passed and make plans (for God to laugh at) for the new year! As i grew older, i no longer see the point in partying, squeezing at the club with 10,000 other strangers, drinking insane amount of alcohol and feeling stupid when there isn't any cab to go home in.

Yesterday i made some last minute Butter Cupcakes. It's a simple and fail-proof recipe! It's also my mum's favourite if you throw in the buttercream frosting. Without further ado!

Butter Cupcakes
125g of butter (I recommend Golden Churn salted butter for best results!)
125g of sugar (Yes, if its not sweet its not good enough!)
125g plain flour
2 eggs
2 - 5 tbsp of milk (Less milk if you like drier cakes. More milk if you prefer softer ones.)
1 tsp vanilla essence

1. Cream the butter and sugar until light and flurry (very pale creamish colour).
2. Add 1 egg at a time while continue to whisk at high speed.
3. Add milk and vanilla essence. Mix.
4. Flour in the flour gently (You all know how i feel about being gentle).
5. Fill the cupcake/muffin cups till 3/4 full or slightly more than 1/2.
6. Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes until nice and brown (plus minus timing depends very much on your oven!). It is ready when the toothpick comes out clean after inserting it to the cake.
7. Decorate as you wish.

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