Friday, 17 January 2014

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋).


What better way to kick off 2014 than to have a hot pot of steamboat?

On my visit to  Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) at Plaza Sing's branch, it was 6pm on a Saturday but the queue list for the evening was already full! Not to be disappointed (because we were celebrating my colleague's birthday), we decided to try the outlet at Chinatown Point. Thankfully we could still get on the list. We had to wait 1 hour before we were called and ushered to our table at 7.30pm. Due to the full packed restaurant and them being understaffed, service was not very prompt. But i must say our server (Sharon) was very friendly and does her best to make it an enjoyable dining experience for us. 

Without further ado, let's talk about the food. Of course we ordered the 美人鍋 (direct translation is "Beauty Pot"). It cost $25++ per pax and a minimum of 2 pax for each order. (Only available at 5pm onwards. Do note that there is a meal time allowance of 1.5 hrs for each table but i think they are not strict about it.) So what happens if you have 3 people eating? We still ordered the portion for 2 pax and some sides. Prior to dinner, we had to go Mac to satisfy some hunger pangs. So our dinner portion at the restaurant was just nice for 3 ladies!

Soup stock before heating up

Portion for two pax ( and 4 prawns are missing from the pic)

Japanese rice wrapped with bacon.

The stock comes in a coagulated form because it is full of collagen! As with all rich soup, too much of it will turn you away. So please drink in moderation.

Our dear Sharon helped us cook the ingredients without us asking her to. She explained to us what the ingredients were and if they were organic while she put them into the soup. She made it such a good looking pot.

Beauty Pot Set Menu

Beauty Pot

For $25++ per pax, i think it is a little steep to be honest. But it is a good experience nevertheless. Will i come back? Maybe not. There are plenty of new and interesting things to try as well. Maybe i'll try their lunch next time. The noodles (mochi noodles) that came last was a nice way to round off the meal.

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