Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!


Lim and I wish everyone a very good year of the Horse! May you always have good health and happiness!

For the year of the Horse, we have something very exciting planned. And that is............. *drumroll*.... the start of our food business!!! YES! Planning, planning and more serious planning. We are finally finally at the start of the serious planning stage. Both of us roaring to go! We have some fancy ideas in our head and more importantly, too many fancy names. We have more of less settled on 2 highly possible names for the business. Coming up with a name is alot harder than planning the menu! A good name takes time to come up!

For those who are interested, Lim is going to be famous next week ;) Watch out for him. Guess who?

For those who are not interested, it's business as usual for you =(

To end this post, i urge everyone to experience the joy of giving in the coming year. It really is a blessing to be able to give to others! Be it love, care, concern or food. It's an even greater blessing to be able to receive something from anyone! Start today. Make someone else's day even better!

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