Monday, 10 December 2012

Singapore Food Industries Warehouse Sale! - 15-16 Dec and 22-23 Dec


Singapore Food Industries is having warehouse sale again! 15-16 Dec and 22-23 Dec, 9.30am - 1.30pm. Those of you who are preparing for a feast for Christmas, you should go! Check out their facebook for more details - Facebook Link

The last time i went, i blogged about it as well (previous post link). Not too sure if they are selling the same things but i don't think it'll differ that much.

By the way, i tried their farmpride popcorn chicken the last time, it was rather disappointing. I prefer "Tasty Bites" popcorn chicken. It is available at Sheng Siong. They taste exactly like KFC's! Except your's will be piping hot and crispy when you bite into them! Add some KFC's chilli sauce and ketchup to have the "real" KFC's popcorn chicken!

Do not buy the IJ's fish fingers! You have been warned.

The frozen salmon fillet is a great buy! Tempted to buy some scallops next!

I'm becoming an auntie.....

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