Friday, 7 December 2012

Boston Seafood Shack


Yesterday we were at Boston Seafood Shack ( There was a promotion going on from now till end of Dec - 1 for 1 fish and chips from $9.50 onwards! We have never been there before so we decided to give it a try. Office ladies are always looking for good bargains!

There were 4 types of fish to choose from. Cod ($12.50), Red Snapper ($13.50), Barramudi ($13.50) and Catch of the day ($9.50, which obviously was Dory/Sutchi fish). It is a self-service ordering place. You place your order and pay at the counter. They'll give you this thing that lights up when your order is ready (similar to the ones Aston uses at their coffeeshop stalls). For any order of sandwich or fish and chips, top up $2.80 to get a canned drink and a cookie. Please ask the staff for the cookie if they forget about it. That happened to us.

The fish and chips came wrapped up in paper.

And inside, it looks like this. 2 pieces (or more) of battered fish with fries and a wedge of lemon. To be fair, everything came piping HOT, just the way i like it. But my colleague said her fish wasn't hot enough. Maybe they fried her's first? If you are wondering about the portion, i think it is quite similiar to Long John Silver's. Except the batter here is much lighter and crispier. Since it was 1 for 1, 2 sets for $9.50 is not expensive for this quality. But i don't think we will want to pay $9.50 for one of this.

Our search for good food at Star Vista continues....

Boston Seafood Shack
1 Vista exchange green #01-12 Singapore 138617
Tel: +65.6694.3984

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