Monday, 22 October 2012

Leggo's Carbonara Sauce


My sister has been pestering me to cook pasta at home. I finally obliged when i saw Leggo's Carbonara sauce on sale at Sheng Siong. 2 bottles for $7.40 (1 bottle for $4.50). The twin pack came with a free pack of fusilli.

I figured 1 pack of pasta makes 7 portions. 2 bottles of ready made sauce will probably provide enough for 7 portions. That means it's around $1.10 per portion without ingredients. Even with some mushroom and ham thrown in, a portion is still cost less than $2. A good deal! If i were to make my own sauce, 1 litre of greenfields whipping cream cost $10.80! It makes 5 portions. On top of that, i still have to get my own pasta and paramesan cheese for flavouring. The premix won this round.

Depending on how thick you want the sauce to be, 1 bottle of sauce is good for 3-4 portions with some water added. I did not need to add any more salt, just abit of ground black pepper for flavour. The sauce turned out to be surprisingly good! It was a little sourish (not that it has turned bad) which is weird for carbonara but still tasty nevertheless. On the whole, it was pretty effortless. I boiled the pasta until just before it is completely cooked. I chopped some garlic to stir fry with whatever ingredients i wanted to add to the pasta (mushroom and ham in this case). When the ingredients are cooked, i added the sauce and some water to heat it up. The pasta goes in last for a quick mix and the meal is ready to be served! If you are in the mood for baked pasta, do all the steps as above, put some morzzarella cheese on the pasta before baking it in a hot oven. You are in for a sinful treat!

Leggo's Carbonara Sauce

Leggo's Carbonara Fusilli

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