Monday, 5 March 2012

Grilled Salmon Head (non-complicated)

Teh: Over the weekend, while walking around in Sheng Siong, i saw a salmon head that beckoned me to buy it and grill it. I gave in to temptations and proceeded to buy it, wash it, pat it dry, cut it open, season it with season-all, coat it with some oil and put it into the oven. Yes its that simple! If you need proper instructions, please see below.

Pre-grilled salmon head

Grilled salmon head (yes it doesn't look very happy)

1 salmon head
seasonings (I used season-all. But just salt will do too!)

Method: (pre-heat open to 220 degrees C)
1. Make sure the salmon head is clean.
2. Pat it dry. The drier the skin, the crispier it'll get.
3. Cut the head open into half. (Please refer to the picture. If you can cut it through, its even better. If not, just cut the bottom part open and proceed to press down on the head to flatten it abit. It'll help cooking the fish evenly)
4. Season the head all around.
5. Coat a thin layer of oil. (my own theory - to make it even crispier!)
6. Bake for 10 minutes on the middle rack.
7. Crank up the temp to 240 degrees and using only the top heat, put the head on the top rack for 10 minutes or till golden brown.
8. Serve immediately. You can squeeze some lemon juice over the head if you desire.
9. Enjoy!

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