Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Food Review - Tom Yum Kungfu (Boat Quay)

Teh: Yesterday my friends and i were at Boat Quay having Thai style BBQ cum steamboat. It was our first visit to Tom Yum Kungfu (16 Circular Road) and our first time having Thai style BBQ cum steamboat. You may be wondering what exactly is Thai style BBQ cum steamboat. It is actually a dome shaped apparatus that allows you to put meat/seafood on top to be cooked with the charcoal beneath the dome. The end of the dome is filled with stock for your to cook your food in. Still don't know what i'm talking about? Check out the picture below.



We ordered a $38 platter for the BBQ. It came with an abundance of marinate lean pork, 4 prawns, 5-6 slices fish cake, 5 scallop, 6-8 strips pork belly, green vegetable, bak choy, tung hoon, golden mushroom and 3 beancurd skin. For an additional $1.80, we ordered a pack of Thai Tom Yum instant noodles who's MSG filled soup flavouring did wonders to our existing clear soup. We also ordered a small deluxe platter full of fried items ($9). But i think you can skip the platter. Nothing to rave about. Focus on the BBQ pork instead. The 3 of us ordered an additional pack of instant noodles (because the soup got diluted when they topped up clear stock for us) and a small portion of marinated lean pork ($6). There are many add-ons to choose from. I think the $38 platter is more than enough for 3 average eaters, excluding rice! Just for fun, i ordered a coke that came in a glass bottle with thai words. It is not as sweet as our local coke but i loved it anyway.

The magical thing about the shaped apparatus is juice from the bbq meat will drip down into the soup. It doesn't make the soup oily. Don't worry. Slightly charred bits that formed on the dome after repeated cooking of meat can be scrapped off easily into the soup if you douse it with some hot soup. That's when the magic happens to the soup! It is instantly transformed into a flavourful soup (no doubt with the help of instant noodles flavouring). Think about people browning the meat on the pan, remove the meat, then add stock to the pan to scrapping off the brown parts at the bottom of the pan before returning the meat for stewing. It's the same logic.

We should go back again soon to try out the other ala carte items. Perhaps when the mood to bar-hopping strikes.

Edited: Click here to check out the post for my 2nd visit!

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