Thursday, 20 October 2011

iphone 4S review - Coming soon lah!

Teh: Yesterday i had lunch with Lim. Guess what?! Lim said he will be getting the iphone 4S and he has promised to give us an iphone 4S review! I told him not to wait too many months before he starts writing the review.

Right Lim?

Lim said he read online about some of ways other users were testing Siri. (Siri is an artificially intelligent, voice controlled assistant. You talk to Siri and she talks back. She can do everything from set alarms and schedule appointments to answer reference questions and make you laugh. My voice controlled assistant will be affectionately called "Serene".) One of users was asking Siri for suitable places to hide a body. Reservoir was one of the top results. It was hilarious! I wonder what questions Lim will ask. Or rather what questions Lim will confess to asking Siri when he writes here.

I wait with bated breath for his review!

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