Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Su Korean Cuisine (Far East Plaza)


I had the chance to visit Su Korean Cuisine last week and was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the food!

3 of us opted for one of the set meals for 2 pax. It came with BBQ Beef Short Ribs, BBQ Pork Belly, 1 kimchi soup, 2 rice, 2 drinks (ice lemon tea or lime juice) and the usual array of side dishes for $56++. Of top of these items, we also order the glass noodles, a seafood pancake and a bottle of souju (watched too man korean drama for sure!).

To save trouble, we decided to ask the kitchen to BBQ the meat for us. They came on the hot plates. A basket of fresh green coral lettuce was presented to us to wrap up the meat. Let me try to describe the food to you so that you can imagine you are eating it!

BBQ Beef Short Ribs
I only had beef short ribs on 2 occasions. 1st time was at a hotel buffet, the 2nd time was at Su.  I know when you read "ribs", you'll think of "bones". So i want to tell you there were no bones! Boneless short ribs. Yes, take out the picture of the bones in your head. No bones about it! haha. The tenderness of the short ribs was amazing. When you put the short ribs in your mouth, you know instinctively you are eating a good pieces of meat. It's the way the meat feels in your mouth, each time you bite into the meat you are rewarded with the fragrant aroma of the marinate. This flavourful taste can only be achieved with a long marination process. Imagine all the cubes of short ribs sitting in their marinate soaking in the flavour. Thanks to the chef, the ribs was not overcooked. It was very delicious and i'm salivating as i'm typing this. You simply cannot stop at one piece. You'll need at least 5 at a go because you can't believe how good it taste. Do you know what made eating the short ribs better? Eating it with hot rice of course! I have this thing about good quality rice. It must be a Chinese thing. You can eating good quality rice even on it's own! Just like Gardenia bread. lol. Korean BBQ Beef Short ribs with rice  = happiness. Try not to eat the whole plate by yourself. Share with your friends! Cos' you have to try the other things!
BBQ Pork Belly
You must be thinking what is so wonderful about BBQ Pork Belly. For starters, they used a different marinate from the beef. It was a milder marinate that didn't taste as intense as the beef. This is fine. I like the contrasting taste. A good choice on the chef's part if it was intentional. The pork belly was not cut thinly. At first i thought it may be abit tough when i saw the pork belly. But i was wrong! I believe they must have used some kind of tenderizer on the pork belly because no way José will the pork belly be this tender at that thickness (in my humble opinion) :x Oops. "Tenderizer" sounds like a bad word but you know what, I quite like the pork belly. I'm not sure if you have tasted over tenderized pork. The texture of the piece of meat is un-pork-like. Just recently my mum bought a packet of veg rice for my sis. Said over tenderized pork was in it. My sis was raving at the soft pork. I took a bite and declared it was full of tenderizer. lol. But i digress. The pork belly at Su was OK! Trust me. It paled in comparison to the beef but it was a good dish on it's own. The pork belly went well with the bean paste chilli sauce. Maybe because the marinate was lighter in flavour. You should eat the pork belly with the green lettuce and chilli sauce.

Glass Noodles
If you can only eat 1 thing at Su, (maybe you are dining alone? or on a diet?), i strongly recommend you order the Glass Noodles. WOW! It has intense wok-hei (wok smell?). You'd think it came from the Chinese Zichar stall instead of a Korean restaurant! For those who do not know what is korean glass noodles, please google. For those who know, yes its like thick tung-hoon. This thick tung-hoon has a robust flavour. I suspect some kind of soup stock (or powder seasoning?) is used to cook the noodles. It can be eaten on it's own or with, yes you guessed it, RICE! Many small pieces of meat and vegetables complete this glass noodle dish. It's so good. Forget the dry tung-hoon you order at the zichar stall. It's never as good as the one at Su. Of course it cost like 4x more than your average zichar tung-hoon but its well worth it. Why waste your calories on bad food?

Kimchi Soup
I must warn you something about this kimchi soup. The more you drink, the spicier it gets! But shiok! It didn't start out to be very spicy. But as you drink by the spoonful or mixed with the rice (like the koreans!), you will realise it does pack a punch. There were tons of cabbage in the soup. The soft cabbage really went out with the sourness and spiciness. Some beancurd (not tofu!) and a couple pieces of rice cake. I even found a piece of meat in the soup. But the meat has been cooked too long and squeezed dry of its flavour. It's probably from the stock.

Side Dishes
Look at the side dishes we had. I think the one that is worth a mention is the kimchi on the left bottom corner. This kimchi, unlike those we are accustomed outside comes in big pieces of fermented cabbage still wrapped/rolled up nicely. Not the small small lackluster pieces. I believe they made the kimchi themselves. And that's why it was still perfectly rolled =) Beware that it can be a little spicy since you are eating 1 big piece of chilli coated cabbage! Of course nobody is stopping you from breaking them into small pieces ;)

If you noticed, i did not take picture of the pancake or make any mention of it. Enough said. lol :x

Please head down to try. I know I'll be visiting the place again soon! Maybe i'll try the ginseng chicken soup this time. Oh, one more thing before i forget, we had the option to change the meat in the set meal. The waitress said some people do not eat beef. They can substitute it for chicken. How thoughtful!

Su Korean Cuisine
14 Scotts Road #01-21
Far East Plaza
Tel: 62350420
Opens daily from 10.30am - 11pm

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