Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Udon Thai Food - Mookata!


Yesterday after alighting from the coach from KL (another story soon!) i was at New Udon Thai Food (5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex. Opens daily.) to try their Mookata. Sorry i didn't take any pictures. I was too hungry to think about anything other than cooking them eat and eating them! If you are curious about how the place looks like, try googling. There are plenty of pictures out there.

Here's my two cents worth:
We arrived on a monday evening at 7pm. The place was about 3/4 full. There were still plenty of seats available. A set of $39 comes with the following: slices of hotdog, squid, pork liver, marinated chicken and pork, 5 prawns, crabsticks, fishballs, white cabbage, kang kong, chinese celery, xiao bai cai, tang hoon, 2 eggs. There is no other ala carte dishes you can choose from. So you either eat the set or you get out. You can pay to top up food if there aren't enough to eat. There were 3 of us eating, i felt the portion was just nice. We shared a bowl of rice. Yes, 3 ladies trying to cut down on our carbos but loading on the meat. lol.

While i think the meat marinate pales in comparison to Tom Yum Kungfu's, i quite like the wide variety and the tasty soup they have. They made the effort to de-shell and cut open the prawns' body (Head and tail still intact! Black intestine stuff removed. Alot of effort required). But no tom yum instant noodles here. Bummer. The clear soup at the end of the meal was quite tasty nevertheless. Maybe it is just my love for instant noodles.... Oh one more thing, they use a fire stove instead of charcoals =(

Be prepare to smell like bbq food after having your meal there. I do not suggest walking around or hanging out elsewhere after eating.

Verdict: Tom Yum Kungfu (http://comingsoonlah.blogspot.sg/2012/03/food-review-tom-yum-kungfu-boat-quay.html) is still my first choice but i don't mind coming back here again if i'm in the area when the mookata mood strikes.

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