Monday, 11 March 2013

MooJaa (Thai BBQ Steamboat) @ 25 Keong Saik Road


Yesterday i was out at MooJaa (Thai BBQ SteamBoat) @ 25 Keong Siak Road. We decided to check out that place because Tom Yum Kungfu was not open (now i know they are closed on Sundays) and after seeing some positive reviews of MooJaa online. That being said, i must say i was quite disappointed with the food. Maybe because i was thinking Tom Yum Kungfu standard, but MooJaa did not live up to my expectations.

MooJaa interior
When we got there, we were persuaded to get the buffet at $32 per pax instead of the usual a la carte set @ $39.90. The lady said there won't be enough to eat if we ordered the set. Isn't it strange? There were only 2 of us. I think she was just trying to get us to spend more money. Free flow of drinks if we top up $5. We decided to just stick to 1 drink. The Thai Ice Tea @ $2.50 was quite decent.

Thai Ice Tea, Cheese Balls and Fried Fish Skin

The buffet came with 1 serving of Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef each. I think there were probably 6-8 strips of each. The rest of the items are free flow. They didn't ask us what we want to order. They served up the fried fish skin and cheese balls (even though we didn't order them) first while we waited for the charcoal to come. Next, they brought out a tray of food, all assembled. Why didn't they ask what we want? We did not complain since we thought we can try the range of food. The pork collar was sliced too thick thus making it tough when cooked. The beef was not marinated. The prawns were really small. Only the chicken was marinated. I think that was the one good thing on the tray. The Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef was ok but there was too little to feel the buffet was a good deal. I liked it that another lady helped us start the meal off by placing the ingredients nicely in the steamboat.

Placing of ingredients on steamboat

Half way through eating, i heard a staff telling a new table of customers behind us that they ran out of Kurobuta Pork. There were also other items that were out of stock, e.g. Pork belly, prawn balls etc.

Moo Kata @ MooJaa
Unlike at Tom Yum Kungfu, there was no option to buy a pack of tom yum instant noodles to add to the soup for that tom yum taste. Although the place was relatively smoke free (they had those sucking air thingy near the steamboat), my clothes still smelled abit after our meal.

Owners of MooJaa, if you are reading this, I suggest making a few changes (in no particular order) for your consideration:
1) Please marinate all meat.
2) Ensure sliced meat are thin enough.
3) Always have enough food stock.
4) Sell tom yum instant noodles.
5) Always check with the customer what they want to order.
6) Bigger prawns please! More Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef!
7) Instead of saying the set is not enough for 2 pax, why not suggest we order other a la carte items like your tom yum soup etc for a wider variety of food.

Conclusion: Definitely going back to Tom Yum Kungfu in future.

25 Keong Saik Road S(089132)
Tel: 6536 4780

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