Monday, 24 September 2012

Breakfast at Breko vs Breakfast at Prive


What is it with me and breakfast? I think breakfast food are comfort food. No idea why. Maybe i just like eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and hash brown all in one. I was at Prive and Breko for breakfast food recently. Can't help but do a comparison of the two. Let's take a look.

Breko - Brekofast $8.90 ++

It was a Sunday morning and i was at Holland Village's Breko. I was there before 10am. The place was already half full. Upon surveying the menu, we decided to eat here instead of at Hatched because my sister thinks its cheaper at Breko. She's right. I ordered the Brekofast. It came with 1 sunny side up, scrambled eggs, bacon, 2 small sausages, English muffins and half a grilled tomato. I didn't understand why they wanted to serve 2 eggs done in different ways. My guess is it's for people who cannot decide between sunny side up and scrambled eggs. The sausages were normal. They serve the same ones at Coffee Bean. Even the scrambled eggs were oddly familiar to Coffee Bean's. Same supplier?  My favourite part of this breakfast is the muffin arrived piping hot and the bacon was crispy. Not only do you get what you see for $8.90, all breakfast meals come with free refill of hot coffee or tea (only until 12pm). There was variety of tea flavour to choose from. The only thing missing from this breakfast was HASH BROWN! You gotta have hash brown please!

Prive - Ultimate Brekkie $20 ++

For $20++, i was thinking this better be good! Of course you have to deduct $5 for the view at Keppel Bay Marina but still? This breakfast came with eggs, a sausage, bacon, sauteed button mushroom, grilled tomato, a small salad, toast and hash brown. You can choose the type of eggs you want. I was deciding between poached and scrambled. Poached eggs because Prive is popular for their Egg Benedicts. But after that said, poached eggs are fairly easy do. Scrambled eggs require some technique. So i decided on scrambled eggs. It was nicely done with a hint of cream that made it smooth. The rest of things were only ok. One thing i realised was everything that came was lukewarm. Why? It felt like everything was already pre-cooked and assembled in the kitchen (except the eggs of course). The sausage was barely warm, the bacon was not crispy, the mushrooms were understandably cooked before hand, the hash brown has been left somewhere for awhile, the toast was toasted too early. I was disappointed.

Verdict - I prefer Breko's breakfast on the account that the muffin and bacon were exactly how i liked them. I cannot stand lukewarm stuff and for a $20++ (or $15++) Prive breakfast, i felt short changed.

I was tempted to order french fries at Breko to make up for the missing hash brown. Good thing my sister talked me out of it. In the end, i stopped by Wendy's and got myself a real hash brown. A piping hot one at $1.10. Mission accomplished.

Maybe next weekend i'll go Hatched. Do they have hash brown?

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