Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Privé @ Keppel Bay


Last week, i was at Privé with my colleagues. I decided to blog about this place not because the food was fantastic, more because i want to tell you why i didn't like it. As a food reviewer/blogger, there's no point in paining only a beautiful picture all the time. The truth must be told.

Privé - Fish and Chips
To be fair, i only had the Fish and Chips. I was disappointment to find the fish to be coated with a thick batter that was not crispy. There was minimum fish within the deceptive batter. But together with the fries and salad, it does make a filling meal at $19 (insert eyes bulging emoticon), only if you are into loads of carbo. A side note, the Fish and Chips came with vinegar. It tasted to me like watered down vinegar. I promptly asked for ketchup instead.

Privé - Eggs Benedict
My colleagues had the Eggs Benedict. They were beaming with joy. But at $16 a set of 2 eggs, 1 muffin (1 cut into 2), ham and bacon, it's a little too expensive for me. Granted the eggs were cooked perfectly, shaped wonderfully and practically a gastronomic wonder (because poached eggs are difficult to master despite the simplicity it eludes), i couldn't bring myself to order it nor have a taste of it when my colleague offered (so as not to deprive her). In the month of April 2012, DBS credit card holders will enjoy 1 for 1 promo on their Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royal (with smoked salmon instead of ham and bacon). 7 days left if you want to enjoy this promotion.

Perhaps people like going there for the view. Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of the place where the yachts dock. It does make a scenic foreground/background for any romantic lazy afternoon.

Do you like the place?

Keppel Bay 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382

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